A story of unwavering love through the most challenging circumstances.



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A story of unwavering love through the most challenging circumstances.


Doug Bolling has never walked away from a fight in his life, but when the doctor confirms he has Alzheimer’s disease, he knows this battle will be unlike any he’s ever faced.

His greatest fear is not losing his memories—it’s losing control of them. There are things he’s never confessed to anyone, not Cass, not Mark, not even his first wife. What will happen when his mind loses the ability to guard those secrets?

For Cass, her storybook romance crumbles in the face of hard reality as she takes on the daunting task of raising their young sons and shouldering the ever-increasing burden of caring for Doug. She soon discovers that means untangling Doug’s past and helping him find peace before time runs out.

For Mark, there was no question that leaving the mission field after hearing his father’s diagnosis was the right thing to do, but clashes with Cass cause him to question how he fits in.

As the disease takes its toll on Doug and his family, he wonders if the diagnosis is the final word from the God he dismissed and defied for so many years. What if God isn’t pronouncing judgment, though? What if He’s asking Doug to surrender, to let go of everything he has built … even his legacy.

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