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How can God forgive what you can’t?


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Just months after Shannon’s homecoming, she finds re-adjusting to life at home is not as easy as she anticipated. A new wave of guilt crashes over her as her family learns that her encounter with Dylan Snider was anything but consensual. Complicating matters is Matt Bolling. The former missionary kid turned preacher is more than interested in her, but she is certain after her months as a prodigal, Matt is out of her league.
With her cancer gone and retired from teaching, Bobbi struggles to find purpose beyond caring for her family. When she proposes taking over Brad’s mission, that touches off an unforeseen conflict with her husband.
Chuck’s quest for justice unexpectedly forces him to re-examine his definitions of forgiveness and grace when events demand that he seek it from and offer it to the unlikeliest people.

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Kindle (mobi), Nook (epub), Paperback

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